2022 Runck Lab at Mim's Cafe in St. Paul, Mn



  • Identify applied solutions for more efficient and effective integration of real-time spatial data and models to advance agricultural research, management, and policy.
  • Identify and test generalizable principles underlying the spatial and temporal dynamics of agent interactions (e.g. human-human, human-environment, environment-plant, etc)

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Lab Members

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Current Runck Lab members

  • Bryan Runck, PhD, Principal Investigator (Lead of GEMS Sensing and GEMS Learning)
  • Bobby Schulz, MS, Research Electrical Engineer & Lab Manager (Hardware Lead of GEMS Sensing)
  • Ann Piotrowski, Digital Agriculture Scientist (Field Operations Manager of GEMS Sensing)
  • Logan Gall, MGIS Student, University of Minnesota
  • Samikshya Subedi, PhD Student, Land and Atmospheric Science, University of Minnesota
  • Deepika M.Tamilselvan, MGIS Student, University of Minnesota
  • Jacob Pacheco, Undergraduate Student, University of Minnesota
  • Mattie Gisselbeck, MGIS Student, University of Minnesota
  • Tzu-Yu Ma, MGIS Student, University of Minnesota
  • Tom Glancy, MGIS, Research Consultant

Past Runck Lab members

  • Bryan Chantigian, BS, MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota - placement: Lockheed Martin; NASA
  • Gianna Turturillo, BS, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota - placement: AECOM
  • Mohana Krishna Vutukuru, MS, Computer Science, University of Minnesota - placement: Amazon
  • Benjamin Salazar, BS, Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University - placement: Zenblen
  • Galen Sjostrom, MGIS, University of Minnesota - placement: Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Thor Solberg, BS, Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering, University of Minnesota - placement: GHD
  • Michael Dunst, BS, Urban Studies, BED, Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota - placement: Continental Properties; University of Pennsylvania
  • Jeffrey Bishop, MS, Digital Agriculture Scientist & Field Manager (Operations Lead of GEMS Sensing) – next position: Raven Technologies
  • Andrea Smith, BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota - placement: Donaldson
  • Evan Tang, MS Computer Science, Firmware Engineer - next position: CodeWeavers
  • Megan Marsolek, MGIS, University of Minnesota - placement: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Lucas Rosen, MGIS, USDA-ARS Brookings funded Geospatial Scientist - placements: Toro, USDA, MN DNR
  • Michael Felzan, MGIS Researcher
  • Xiao Fu, PhD StudentComputer Science, University of Southern California, Summer Research Fellow
  • Ethan Bott, MGIS, University of Minnesota
  • Jakeisha Lewis, NSF SOAR REEU Student, Berea College
  • Luke Zaruba, MGIS, University of Minnesota - placement: Travelers Insurance
  • Laure Briol, MGIS Student, University of Minnesota