Trial Farm at Stellenbosch Univesity

Assessing Global Agricultural R&D Spending and Innovative Activity: To systematically evaluate and document the global expenditure on agricultural research and development, discerning patterns, key players, and potential investment gaps.

Exploring the Technology, R&D, Climate, and Policy Nexus: To explore and establish correlations between agricultural productivity trends and a conglomerate of influencing factors – technology adoption, R&D investments, climatic factors, and prevailing policy frameworks.

Lab Members

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Current Greyling Lab members

  • Jan C. Greyling, PhD, Principal Investigator
  • Philip G. Pardey, PhD, University of Minnesota, Department of Applied Economics & GEMS Informatics Center
  • Oluwaseun Gakenou, MSc, Stellenbosch University
  • Connie Chan-Kang, PhD, GEMS Informatics Data Steward

Past Greyling Lab members

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Gridded farm field