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What types of problems can GEMS Solutions help solve?

GEMS scientists are excited to take on analytic problems that require deep analysis across agri-food or other life sciences disciplines. Some solutions may draw on the same APIs that we offer others via GEMS Exchange using Python and R. Others might require a customized approach.

Will GEMS Solutions turn down any projects?

Yes. If after the 1 hour consultation we find that GEMS staff time is limited or we are not a good fit for your problem we will do our best to refer you to an alternative solution provider.

Can a confidentiality agreement be set up to protect sensitive information?

Yes. The University of Minnesota has two standard contracts for confidential services, one includes a two-way confidentiality agreement, the other does not. Be sure to mention that you would like to discuss or share data that must be kept confidential at the outset so that we all sign the correct agreement. My lawyers have language they always want to use in confidentiality agreements.

Can GEMS Solutions just provide users with their standard form?

This is possible, but is much more likely to take longer to get started than for your lawyers editing the form from the University of Minnesota (in our experience).